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You’ve seen it in the New York Times. You’ve seen it jubilantly posted on your friends’ profiles on Facebook. You’ve flipped the pages of your Washington Post over, asking, “Am I reading ‘The Onion?'”

It’s actually true. That’s real news you’re reading: the Obamas are planting an organic vegetable garden on the White House Lawn. And the groundbreaking ceremony is today. Awesome.

Per Kitchen Gardeners international’s Press Release:

100,000 Applaud Announcement of a New White House Food Garden
Environment, Nation’s Food System and People’s Health Stand to Benefit

(Scarborough, Maine) –100,000 people signed a petition asking the Obamas to replant a Victory Garden at the White House, and recent news reports indicate that they are about to reap what they sowed. 
For advocates of sustainable and healthy foods, this harvest of good news was as welcome as the summer’s first red-ripe tomato.  “I’m thrilled for the Obama family and for all who will be inspired by their example to grow gardens of their own this year,” said Roger Doiron, founder of the nonprofit Kitchen Gardeners International and leader of the successful petition campaign, “Eat the View.” 
Launched in February 2008, Eat the View proposed that the Obamas replant a White House Victory Garden while planting a few extra rows for the hungry. The campaign used viral videos and social networking technologies like Facebook to grow a large support base, attract international media attention and help inspire a larger grassroots effort. In January, 2009, Eat the View won the “On Day One” contest sponsored by the United Nations Foundation, beating out 4,000 other entries and resulting in thousands of messages being sent to the White House in support of its proposal.