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As children, we have all heard the proverb slow and steady wins the race, and enjoyed the epic anecdote that goes with it. Speaking of childhood, it makes us nostalgic to think of all those lousy days when all that was required of us was to giggle with anyone and everyone, play around, and have our glass of milk. Life was slow, but simple and happy. What went wrong? 

Thank Heavens, there still are people who work solely to remind the world to sit back, have a glass of fresh milk, and enjoy good, natural food without a care in the world. There are people who extend their unconditional love and care to the degraded, global south humans and other deploring species that share the planet with us; all this, by reviving faith in good, clean, and fair food. Slow Food, we owe you!

Operation Falafel and Slow Food’s share a mutual love for 

  • preserving old age traditions 
  • cultural food 
  • sustainable food production 
  • valuing grassroots constituents 

It has brought the two together on this emergent global bereave. The fast food culture has gashed numerous cultural strings which linked us to our purer, cleaner past. 

As a prompt amendment, we must introduce to the world ‘Slow Food’, a means of bringing humans together, conserving biodiversity, and transitioning our lifestyles from fast and furious to slow and steady.

Slow Food Movement is exactly the Good Samaritan our bruised Earth needed. Present Earthlings better succumb to its terms and conditions and get in line to sign up if they wish to leave convivial home for future baby Earthlings. Why? 

Here’s why: 

1. It's a Slow Movement

What is slow and gradual stays for longer. We don’t ask for bloody revolutions to fill that hole up in the Ozone layer. We don’t ask for fast paced internet lives to connect the world. 

We ask for backyard food tastings and low-key meet ups where people from all ethnic and national backgrounds are invited to share their views on conserving biodiversity and defending bees. 

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2. Slow Food is a healthy alternative to Fast Food

When you think of fast food, the daunting images of burgers, deep fryers, and obesity cloud your mind, don’t they? As a solution to these nightmares, we suggest you move onto fresh farm food and traditional street food. Not just adopt it as a lifestyle, but also promote and preserve it as a cause. 

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3. Slow Food cares for the Earth

Dear planet Earth,

We, Earthlings, are extremely sorry for turning you into a trashcanAs a result, we humans suffer losses and near our extinction with each species we lose and each gallon on carbon we expel into the air.

However, we are working to fix that. Slow Food is very vigilant about climatic havocs. It is taking steps to improve industrial food production process, and curtail mindless exploitation and exhaustion of natural resources.

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4. Slow Food is an animal friendly organization

When we say animals, we refer to all species biologically considered animals and not just humans.

Slow Food ensures that all animals that contribute to our daily meals live and die with as little pain and fear as possible. They are constantly shedding sweat, blood, and tears to get this ideology viral globally.

These kind people are raising their voices for a number of causes that interlink food and people. Below are some of the many people’s problems Slow Food takes under its wing:

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  • the land grabbing prevalent in global south countries 
  • protecting the rights and promoting the welfare of family farms
  • bringing biodiversity through restoring the cultures and customs of indigenous people
  • registering concern and disapproval for GM food and GMOs
  • convincing EU into coming up with more holistic food and farming policies that, above all, go in line with the interests of the people and the Earth

5. Slow Food is educating the world

A major part of all campaigns and conferences, Slow Food designates some time in making people understand how their food comes into being. This initiative urges one to reflect upon how easily we cast away uneaten food as waste; the very food which was made available to us after hefty, tiring hours of cultivating, cooking, and processing. 

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Not only do they make people realize this global fault, but also work towards seeking solutions for it.

6. Slow Food knows and regards the people who farm our food

Food and Taste Education also specifically mentions where and by whom our easy, canned food was first cared for. This helps develop a beautiful link among cultures and people, and shows how our food choices impact the lives of people living oceans apart from us.   

Slow Food is among the pioneering world saver organizations. Operation Falafel feels great pride in befriending this association of merry convivium working towards making this world a better place.

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Thankfully, we are somewhat doing our bit in saving mother Earth, are you? 

(Photo Credits: Shutterstock)


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Rachel Stinson


An avid reader and writer, love music and movies. 



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