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#2. Mango by the Sea

Mixer: Irene Jade, amateur

Ark of Taste Ingredient: Shrub

About Irene: I am a baker, a cheesemaker for Heritage Hen Farm in Boynton Beach, Fl., and a team member at Pascale’s — The Delray Beach Jam Company. When I am not in the kitchen or in the garden, I enjoy cooking, baking, sharing a meal with friends, eating slowly, visiting farmers markets and farmers, cycling, going to the beach and, if I am lucky, catching some waves. I also love to travel and explore different food cultures.

Local Chapter: Slow Food Glades to Coast


1 oz. Florida Premium CANE Vodka 
2 1/2 tbs. Pascale’s Mango Ginger Shrub (shrub made by Pascale’s – The Delray Beach Jam Company in Delray Beach, FL) 
3 tbs. fresh Florida mango nectar juice from 1 1/2 fresh Florida key limes
scant 1/4 tsp. fresh finely grated ginger
fresh Florida key lime zest for garnish

Combine all ingredients, stir, and add ice for a cool refreshing cocktail; or place in a cocktail shaker with ice, shake, pour and serve. Enjoy!

About the Ingredients

Mango by the Sea is a cocktail created in Delray Beach, Fl. — a village by the sea. Florida CANE vodka is a premium hand-crafted, micro-distilled vodka made entirely of Florida ingredients, including South Florida sugarcane in Tampa, Florida. Although there are 90 countries producing sugarcane, Florida CANE chose to support the local grower. CANE distills the fermented sugarcane in a handcrafted American-made still and mixes it with highly filtered water drawn directly from the Florida aquifer. Local laborers hand-label each high-flint, American-made glass bottle. 

The mango ginger shrub is handmade in small batches by Pascale’s, the Delray Beach Jam Company. The mangoes used in the shrub and mango nectar are grown locally in Delray Beach. 

Florida key limes and fresh garden ginger are also available locally when in season.

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