The Slow Food Cooks’ Alliance is a network of cooks around the world who are committed to defending and celebrating biodiversity, food traditions, local cultures, and artisanal food producers. Cooks have a fundamental role to play in safeguarding the biological and cultural diversity of our food. They interpret the histories and ecosystems of their regions with skill and creativity, supporting local producers while awakening eaters to the role we all play as custodians of biodiversity.


Cooks’ Alliance members continually strive to implement the values of Slow Food in their restaurant or establishment by procuring and highlighting Ark of Taste ingredients on menus, cooking for chapter events and focusing on the ethical and environmentally friendly practices in their restaurants.


Members of the Cooks’ Alliance learn from and support each other in transforming and leveraging their kitchens and menus to change the food system for the better.¬†The Cooks’ Alliance engages diners, producers, and restaurateurs in the Slow Food USA network.

Community engagement

Bring diners, producers, and restaurateurs into the network by¬†participating in and engaging with Slow Food events and campaigns, both local and national. Cooks’ Alliance members inform and educate fellow cooks as well as community members on topics of Slow Food, especially as it pertains to food production and food service.

The Cooks' Alliance Commitments


Advocate for and implement working conditions that respect the rights of all workers at every level of the food chain and the payment of fair prices to producers.


Participate in campaigns and events hosted by local Slow Food chapters and the national Slow Food USA network.


Cooks’ Alliance members work to inform and educate fellow cooks and diners about biodiversity, equity, environmental stewardship and the preservation of food culture and tradition.

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The Slow Food USA Cooks' Alliance Committee

The Cooks’ Alliance Committee is a group of chefs, cooks, restaurateurs, mixologists, and small business owners focused on building up and engaging the Slow Food Cooks’ Alliance in the USA.

Please check back soon for profiles of our committee members!