The Slow Food Cooks’ Alliance is a network uniting cooks around the world who are committed to defending and celebrating biodiversity, food traditions, local cultures, and artisanal food producers. Cooks have a fundamental role to play in safeguarding the biological and cultural diversity of our food. They interpret the histories and ecosystems of their regions with skill and creativity, supporting local producers while awakening eaters to the role we all play as custodians of biodiversity.

Commitment + Objectives


To give cooks an opportunity to learn from each other and support each other in utilizing their kitchens and menus to change the food system for the better.


To inspire the creation and strengthening of direct relationships between producers and cooks, with the result of collaboration, friendship, and solidarity.


To develop and strengthen the Slow Food network by bringing diners, producers, and restaurateurs into the network.


To participate and support Slow Food events and campaigns.

 Taking the Pledge

 When a cook takes the pledge, they will: 

1. Commit

Further the objectives of the Alliance and participate in Cooks’ Alliance campaigns and events.

2. Promote

Use and promote “good, clean, fair” products, especially foods from the Ark of Taste catalog or local purveyors. Respect the seasonality of ingredients when creating a menu.

3. Discuss

Indicate that s/he is a member of the Cooks’ Alliance in way that is easily evident to restaurant guests.

4. Advocate

Advocate for working conditions that respect the rights of all restaurant workers and the payment of fair prices to producers.

Join the Cooks' Alliance.

Make the commitment to cook good, clean and fair food in your kitchen.


If you have questions, comments or ideas about the Slow Food USA Cooks’ Alliance, please contact us!