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The Slow Seed Summit is a virtual gathering of growers, experts and activists to discuss seed sovereignty and preservation and other central topics in the world of seeds. We are hosting six days of interactive programming that combines Deep Dig sessions on critical topics, small roundtables with hands-on demonstrations, and conversation.

Slow Seed Summit 2021: Week One

Written by Malia Guyer-Stevens, Slow Food USA Editorial Intern photos from the Slow Food...

Jimmy Nardello Pepper

Jimmy Nardello Peppers, or Jimmy Nardello’s Sweet Italian Frying Pepper, are perfect for just that: frying up in a pan. It is considered one of the very best frying peppers as its fruity raw flavor becomes perfectly creamy and soft when fried.

Aunt Molly’s Ground Cherry

Ground cherries are the sweeter, smaller and golden cousin to a tomatillo. Their small fruits are like tiny packages wrapped in a papery husk. When ripe they become a deep golden-yellow in color and their flavor is pineapple-meets-vanilla…

Old Carolina Tomato

The Nell Bryson tomato, also known as the Old Carolina Tomato, has two names because its full story is still being uncovered. What we do know however, is that…

King Philip Corn

When the seeds of the King Philip Corn were first grown by the Food Project farmers, outside of Lincoln, Massachusetts last year, it was as if the land itself was welcoming the corn back…


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