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Share a Seed is getting seeds into the hands of would-be growers without access to or the ability to buy from commercial seed outlets. Slow Food USA is tapping into the power of community—asking gardeners and seed stewards across the country to share their spares by sending them to Slow Food chapters that will act as hubs for getting those seeds to neighboring communities.

Uncle Sam’s Immigrant Cafe and the American Dream

The website Uncle Sam’s Immigrant Cafe was launched in 2017 with the mission to showcase immigrant restaurateurs in pursuit of their American Dream. Volunteer writers from across the United States are asked to submit pieces telling the story of their favorite immigrant-owned restaurant. Stories are published to the website and readers are asked to patronize these restaurants.

Family, Activism and Sopaipillas

The activist legacy of the family trio behind Slow Food VegasInterview and words by Michelle...

Slow Fish 2021: Week One

The weekend was filled with productive talks about how to make more sustainable seafood chains not only for the fish and their habitats, but for the people who fish and eat them as well.

Paula Barbeito on Building Communities and Sustainable Systems with Slow Fish

with Paula Barbeito, Slow Fish International Coordinator Photos by Giselle Kennedy Lord and...

Saving Seeds with Scott Chang-Fleeman of Shao Shan Farm

By Kelly Franson, Slow Food Youth Network USA Photos by Scott Chang-Fleeman ““It is a reminder...


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