Slow Food Live


We are holding and postponing some planned programming to focus on justice work, and taking time to focus on how conversations on Slow Food Live can positively contribute to the current discourse and equity work.

Slow Food Live is a way to bring Slow Food into your home and engage in all of the things Slow Food champions and supports. This is a free webinar series led by experts in a skill or topic that you can join from anywhere on your digital device.

Participation is free and webinars are hosted on Zoom (can be accessed from most devices) at on whichever days you see on that schedule to the right! Each session is about an hour; 30-45 minutes of learning and 15 minutes for questions from you. Only panelists will be live on video, participants are able and encouraged to ask questions in the Q&A box and chat in the chat box. We’re recording each session and posting the links below so you can access the content on your schedule!

June 5: The Story of Salmon

This webinar, hosted by Slow Fish North America, focuses on salmon — an amazingly resilient fish that has shaped ecosystems, cultures and communities on both the Atlantic and Pacific coasts since time immemorial, and still plays a very prevalent role all along the North Pacific coast. With stories of those who live on the water and in communities that have long depended on salmon, this webinar hopes to get you hooked on this bountiful fish and eager to join the effort of those on the front lines to save the forests and rivers salmon thrive in, and perhaps, to save ourselves.

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30 Year recipe collection

In December, we put together a collection of recipes to celebrate 30 years, from a dozen creative and inspiring chefs that include Sean Sherman, Julia Turshen and Dan Barber. We hope you can nourish your homes and hearts with some of the recipes inside.

Yummy & Healthy Recipes for Kids

We created a collection of Yummy & Healthy Recipes for Kids with support from FAO North America to commemorate World Food Day. You’ll find a dozen fun and simple plant-based recipes in the booklet, perfect for lunch at home or a cooking class at school!