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Our Slow Food friends in Paris-Bastille chapter are after your grand-mère.  Err…rather, they are after your grandma’s recipes.  Their new family treasures project will be an online collection featuring tried and true recipes passed down through families.  And the three best recipes submitted before November 12 will be prepared as a meal at an upcoming youth Terra Madre gathering in Tours, France. 

Submitted recipes should have only common and economical ingredients, be easy enough for a non-professional cook to prepare, and have been handed down to you through your family.  Recipes for consideration for the contest should be sent in by November 12.  An important criteria of the contest is actually the story: who gave the recipe to you, and why is it a family treasure?  Find more details about the contest here.

Here in the U.S., a few local chapters regularly organize Grandmother Workshops, informal classes focused on teaching the cooking and gardening skills that our grandmothers used to teach us.  Slow Food San Francisco’s 5th installment of their grandmother workshop, coming up on November 1, will be focused on Bengali cuisine – click here for details. Slow Food Berkeley also holds regular workshops – click here for details.

Do you plan or attend similar classes or gatherings?  Leave a comment and let us know!