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NRDC just announced the first annual Growing Green awards to honor the work of a Food Producer, a Business Leader and a Thought Leader in the sustainable agriculture world. And check this out: the food producer would win 10,000 BUCKS.

The organization will highlight extraordinary contributions that include innovation within an ecologically-integrated food system, advancement of sustainable food production, climate stewardship, water stewardship, the preservation of farmland, and social responsibility. We think this is a great opportunity to highlight and honor a changemaker in your community–perhaps even one who is doing unique work with endangered foods, garden-to-table projects, etc.

The following three categories are eligible to apply:

  • Food Producer: Farmers or other food producers, including aquaculture, who employ innovative techniques to sustain agriculture, the natural environment, workers and community; (this category includes a $10,000 award)
  • Business Leader: Entrepreneurs who effectively use the marketplace to promote sustainable food systems, develop infrastructure that enables producers to be more sustainable, or advance sustainable innovations anywhere along the supply chain from farm to fork
  • Thought Leader: Visionaries who advance sustainability as it relates to food through creative research, public education, and outreach.

The deadline is quick: applications are due no later than February 6, 2009, so hop to it! Visit NRDC’s website for information on the nomination process.