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Postponing our Slow Fish 2020 + Slow Food NE Gathering

Dear friends,

After careful consideration and discussion with partners, we have decided to bottle up the great energy of Slow Fish + Slow Food Northeast Gathering 2020 and carry it over to 2021 — same time, same place.

As COVID-19 spreads around the US and in Italy, some people planning to attend the event had to cancel their travel plans. Institutions throughout New England and beyond are either discouraging large gatherings or canceling them outright. We truly care about the folks in our network and don’t want to ask you to take a risk. We want to honor the trust that fishing families and Slow Food leaders have in us. We also don’t want to spend a conference sitting a yard away from each other and bathing in disinfectant. Slow Food gatherings are about conviviality and embracing one another.

This is a painful decision, after months of planning by five committees and 50+ people. However, let’s move forward with creative ways to continue the energy:

  • A Slow Fish/Slow Food BYOB webinar on Friday, March 20 from 1-3pm ET focused on key topics from the event. Details will be added here as we confirm speakers and themes.
  • Save March 19-21, 2021 for next year and invite three friends to join you.
  • Share a video of yourself doing your job via our Facebook group: preparing the fishing net, setting the trap, shucking oysters, etc.

We updated Eventbrite with our new dates and your ticket will apply to the event next year. If you need a refund, please submit that request through Eventbrite and we will process it as soon as possible.

As we all sort through the logistics of changed plans, this note from Slow Food co-founder Carlo Petrini rings true: “So here is the time of solidarity and no longer of competition. It’s time to find strength to emerge not with the desperation of all against all but with a renewed solidarity of momentum and with the reconstruction of a sense of community that for too much time we neglected… A season full of obstacles and unknowns awaits us, but we can play the game with awareness and determination: solidarity, community and cooperation are the keys to start again.“

The Slow Fish + Slow Food Northeast Gathering team