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What the heck is a Slideluck Potshow?

If you’re in the NYC area, you can find out this Saturday. For those of you who don’t live nearby, you’ll have to wait until it comes to you–and it just might! Slideluck Potshow is a non-profit arts event that aims to build and strengthen community around food and art. Slideluck Potshow combines a multimedia slideshow with a potluck dinner and it has taken place in about forty cities globally, from Stockholm to São Paulo.

The evening begins with a couple hours of dining on the home-cooked delights of participants, while drinking and mingling. Following the potluck, and as the sun goes down, the crowd is hushed, and a slideshow of work by local artists begins.

Shows regularly draw more than a thousand people in NYC; they expect this weekend’s to be much larger. Particularly notable is the location–for those of you not in NYC, McCarren Park Pool is a former public pool that now, waterless, hosts live performances, movie screenings, and, well, Slideluck Potshow. It is estimated this particular event might be the largest potluck EVER. The event is open to the public–all you have to do is bring a Slow dish (your entry ticket) to feed approximately 10 servings.

Saturday, August 2nd, 2008
6:30pm Potluck
8:30pm Slideshow
RSVP here
Lorimer Street, between Driggs Avenue and Bayard Street
Williamsburg, Brooklyn
L Train to Bedford or Lorimer