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Slow Food UW Madison has been tearing up the good food scene ever since the chapter opened in 2007. With several successful projects in operation, they continue to redefine student power in the campus food movement. When they’re not getting mad love and recognition with a Real Food Award nomination, they’re keeping busy with:

    Family Dinner Night: cooking and serving up $5 good, clean, and fair meals to over 100 people weekly and inspiring our $5 Challenge—in which over 30,000 people across the country took up our call to cook and share Slow Food for less than the cost of fast food

    Café: preparing fresh food using ingredients from farmers in South Central Wisconsin to serve the most delicious, affordable, sustainable food at UW

    Celebrate South Madison: connecting students with local farmers, restaurants, and businesses in South Madison and teaching community youth how to cook

It’s no wonder that Slow Food UW is up for an award that’s meant to shine a spotlight on the people who represent the best of college food. By pairing Slow Food values with some sharp entrepreneurship, they’re able to offer their campus and community real food that’s both affordable and simply off the hook. It’s a radical recipe for change that’s introducing a young generation of eaters to a new vision for our food system and keeps them coming back for more! If you’re down with making good food with good values at good prices, don’t forget to vote for Slow Food UW for a Real Food Award!