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Slow Meat is an international campaign that brings together diverse people to turn the herd away from the tyranny of an overworked, hyper-industrialized food system. Slow Meat educates the masses about the faults of cheap meat, the exploitation of labor and livestock, and the excessive consumption of meat in the USA.

Meat is a pivotal issue, emblematic of the unsustainable and unethical practices that are part and parcel of the industrial food system. By championing better methods of animal husbandry and better consumption practices, together we are creating a healthier and happier world.

Better Meat, Less Meat

The average U.S. resident eats 270.7 pounds of meat each year, more than double the global average and roughly five times more than we did a century ago. Our increasing demand for cheap meat has caused a corresponding growth in industrial production of meat and placed the concentration of power in the hands of just a few large companies. These companies exploit their workers and livestock in order to satisfy the market’s demand for a large quantity of meat at a low cost.

If we resolve to eating “better meat, less,” however, we can begin to shift the power away from these corporations and empower producers who raise their animals according to the highest standards. By eating consciously and locally, you are choosing to support ethically sound and sustainable practices while reducing your environmental impact.

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