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Apply for the snail of approval!

How to apply?

Step 1. Reach Out to Your Local Chapter
Slow Food Snail of Approval awards are given out by local chapters and communities. Check out the list of participating chapters below!

Step 2. Engage with your local chapter’s award process
Since our chapters span many different kinds of communities, all of which have different needs and abilities, the award requirements will vary across the country. Every chapter’s process is thorough but also designed to respect applicant’s busy schedule.  As a standard requirement nationally, every chapter’s process includes filling out the Eligibility Application. All awardees must pass the Eligibility Application.

Step 3. Receive the Snail of Approval Award from your local chapter!
Your local chapter will award you the Slow Food Snail of Approval and make sure you are included on the national map of awardees and take part in national marketing campaigns. This is in addition to the local awareness the chapter will bring.

Who should apply?

Any food business or organization that produces and/or offers food for public consumption and is pursuing and practicing Slow Food values of good, clean, fair food for all — restaurants, farms, ranches, fisheries, cafes, bars, food trucks, breweries, wineries, caterers, value-added food producers.


How are applicants reviewed?

The Snail of Approval is awarded locally by a Slow Food chapter, community or working group. Every local process includes passing the Snail of Approval Eligibility Application plus each local group’s requirements. All awardees will be recognized on the national level, including use of the official Slow Food Snail of Approval award mark, listing on the national awardee map and directory, and chance to be included on national and local marketing campaigns.

List of participating chapters