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by Slow Food USA staffer Julia De Martini Day

Last friday afternoon I volunteered for the first time with Harvest Time in Harlem, a Slow Food in Schools program facilitated by Slow Food NYC member and Slow Food USA Convivium Coordinator Yuri Asano. The session’s focus was sustainability and part of our activity involved cutting micro-greens directly from baby plants delivered fresh by Hudson Valley Convivium leader Mimi Edelman. After reviewing the ingredients and watching a demonstration on how to get started making pita sandwiches with the fresh arugula and basil, Kai, a 4th grader, spontaneously came up with this song.

Stir it Up

Stir it Up, (stiiiiirrrrrrr it up)
Stir it Up, Stir it up

Vinegar, Oil, Mustard
Salt and Pepper,
Taste it Honey

We gonna use chicken and cut it up
We gonna put it on a plate
That’s what’s up

We love the earth, you should too
Take a bite and you’ll love it toooooooooo