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By Colles Stowell, Slow Fish Strategist

Every time I return to New Orleans, I’m coming home to my birthplace. Profound taste memories resurface: pink roman candy stuck in my teeth, fried shrimp po’boys dripping red sauce down my arm; and the smell of a crawfish boil clinging to my hands long after I’ve sucked on the last crawdad head.

On my flight back to Maine last week, I recalled the beautiful mélange of community-building around Slow Fish values, the shared storytelling about preserving local fishing communities, and the diversity of foods and cultural narratives that made the past week so memorable.

On Nov. 13, a fabulous team of chefs and fishermen¹ staged a memorable Chefs Camp at Dillard University’s Ray Charles Program in African-American Material Culture. The goal was to bring chefs representing a broad range of cultural influences into a provocative conversation about sustainable seafood sourcing.