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Join Slow Food’s 2020 Food + Advocacy Snailblazer Award winner Chef Adrian Lipscombe to learn the art of curing your own bacon using Niman Ranch pork belly, and how to make a bacon jam that’s perfect for cheese boards, scrambled eggs or as a gift. Chef Adrian also shares about her 40 Acres & A Mule project that aims to support Black farmers and foodways.

40 Acres & a Mule | Niman Ranch Match

Help us raise $10,000 for the 40 Acres Project! Niman Ranch is matching donations made to the project, up to $5,000 total. To have your donation matched, click the button below and mention Niman Ranch in the comment field when making your contribution.

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Niman Ranch is a community of 750 small, independent family farmers and ranchers raising cattle, pigs and lamb humanely and sustainably—with no antibiotics or hormones. Niman Ranch started with one cattle ranch in the Bay area and has grown one farm at a time to be the robust network it is today.  All Niman Ranch farms are Certified Humane and hogs are raised on pasture or in deeply bedded pens.

Niman Ranch pays farmers a premium for their livestock, recognizing the work that goes into raising their animals to Niman’s strict protocols. Niman Ranch has been cited by many farmers as having saved the farm, providing a market for their pork where they are paid a fair price and don’t need to get bigger to survive.