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If Michael Pollan were to write the future President a letter, would it get read? Let’s say he published it in the New York Times, in the glossy Sunday magazine? It seems obvious that the President must read the Times, right…? And yet there was that confession by Bush in 2003 that he leaves newspaper reading to others, never touches the stuff. So.

A few weeks ago I saw a picture of Obama (in the Times, natch) getting out of an airplane with the Times tucked under his arm—a good sign. But how could he possibly have time for reading when I also saw footage of him just yesterday literally walking door to door introducing himself to every single Ohioan?

Let’s just say I hope one of them (aw, heck, both of ‘em) read it Sunday, since the special food issue of the magazine contained several important articles, including Michael Pollan’s letter to the future Commander-in-Chief. (N.b. other people are allowed to read it too).

Neither of the candidates are talking food on the campaign trail, but for a re-cap of each of their positions (because even though food is not a front burner public stumping issue, these guys do have positions on these matters), I recommend you take a look at the recent overview on Grist, by Tom Philpott, and then read Pollan’s letter. And then, the rest of the issue as well.