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The University Of California at Berkeley’s online library has curated a rather amazing and comprehensive list of movies about food. Not the fluffy fiction stuff (“Babette’s Feast,” “Like Water for Chocolate,” etc.), but the non-fiction, documentary pieces that look at the underbelly–often the dark underbelly– of food and the food industry. The list runs the gamut from well-known favorites like Morgan Spurlock’s “Supersize Me,” to the documentary, “Bullshit,” about Vandana Shiva and her battles against Monsanto, to footage of Julia Child on Nova in 1988 making “fast food” from scratch.

There are many online video interviews, and several recordings of Michael Pollan‘s recent public talks on the Berkeley Campus. Several pieces can be viewed right there on the site, with Real Time Player. It’s a list you won’t find anywhere else and is sure to have movies on there you’ve never heard about but wish you had.