Slow Seed Summit

February 18-28, 2021

A summit for seed growers, savers, advocates and enthusiasts!

The Slow Seed Summit is a virtual gathering of growers, experts and activists to discuss seed sovereignty and preservation and other central topics in the world of seeds. Between Feb 18-28, we are hosting six days of interactive programming that combines Deep Dig sessions on critical topics, small roundtables with hands-on demonstrations, and networking opportunities to meet new friends.

Speakers include Rowen White, Karen Washington, Bill McDorman, Elena Terry, Francesco Sottile, Brijette Peña, Melissa Nelson, Ira Wallace and
many more!

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Ticket options to join week 2 of the Slow Seed Summit range from $20-$100. Money raised from ticket sales will go toward programming costs and scholarships. Any money left over will be put back into growing seed programming for the Slow Food USA network. 

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The goal of the 2021 Seed Summit is to present ideas and facilitate an exchange around issues of seed sovereignty, stewardship, preservation and culture. Our aim is to bring people together to confront these contemporary issues and topics, and explore how to engage in important action around this vital resource and biodiversity.

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All session days will take place from 10am-2pm PT/1-5pm ET.

Each day will contain speaker sessions as well as expo booths, breakout rooms and opportunities to connect. We are adding speakers, content and more details throught the month.

FEBruary 26
Local Grains as Seed and Food

Most of us think of seeds as a means to an end. We plant seeds so that we can grow fruits, vegetables, herbs, flowers, etc. But many seeds, like beans and grains, also are an end product. They are the food we eat. This session will focus on the movement in the United States to re-localize both the production and human consumption of grains.

>> All times in Eastern Standard Time

1:00 Film Screening of “Grain Changers,” presented by Andrew Calabrese, followed by A Conversation with Grain Changers:

Workshop and Demonstration:  Whole Grains in the Home Kitchen, with Mona Esposito, The Grain Lady, and Claudia Bouvier, Pastificio Boulder

4:00 Regional Grain Chains Panel Discussion with Jill Brockman-Cummings, June Russell, Harold Wilken, David Shields

FEBruary 27
seeds and Community

Seed sovereignty starts with saving your own seeds. This day will walk you through how to start your seed sovereignty journey. From how to save seeds, to building a seed community and a seed library, to working with schools to grow your seed community and future seed savers, this day will empower you with knowledge to secure seeds for yourself and your community.

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1:00 Community Seed Saving + Live Demo with Brijette Peña, San Diego Seed Company

2:00 Community Seed Saving Panel with:

3:00 Seeds and Schools Panel with:

4:00 Social Hour

4:15 Dig in to the Share a Seed initiative with Reana Kovalcik and Jeff Quattrone

FEBruary 28
Plant a SeED

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1:00 Closing Keynote with Karen Washington:
Seeds Tell the Untold Stories. Time Holds Them to be Discovered

Many people are now rediscovering their history through seeds. In this discovery we will follow the trail laid down by our ancestors as sovereign keepers. It is time for us to come out from the shadows and into the light to celebrate their value and true meaning.  Learn how seeds can unlock secrets of forgotten time and stories.

2:00 World Cafe: Plant a Seed Stories and the Slow Food Ark of Taste with:

  • Jeff Quattrone on the Ark of Taste and Garden State Tomato
  • Bevin Cohen on Old Carolina Tomato
  • Zach Paige on Early Scarlet Horn Carrot
  • Owen Taylor on King Philip Corn
  • David Shields on Aunt Molly’s Ground Cherry
  • Mimi Edelman on Jimmy Nardello

Moderated by Giselle Kennedy Lord, Communications Director, Slow Food USA

3:00 Final Social Hour!

Seed Summit 2021 Scholarship

The purpose of this scholarship is to increase the number and diversity of folks connecting with and helping shape the Slow Food USA network, especially in regards to seed-related issues. We want to ensure that money is not a barrier for people to join the summit.  
The deadline to apply is February 17, 2021.

Apply Here

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