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Plant a Seed

The Plant a Seed Campaign is about celebrating Biodiversity on farms, in gardens and at school.

The Plant a Seed campaign invites school garden educators and individuals to bring biodiversity, flavor and history into their gardens. Each year, we put together a cast of endangered and biodiverse seeds that tell a story. The varieties in each kit come from a unique grower and landscape, and tell a story of plants and people. The Plant a Seed campaign opens a door to understand the importance of biodiversity and issues of food sovereignty through the cultivation and journey of seeds.

In 2021, we hosted the Slow Seed Summit, a virtual gathering for seed growers, savers, advocates and enthusiasts. We talked about seed sovereignty, stewardship, preservation and culture with leaders around the world.

We’re proud to partner with these great seed companies to bring you the 2021 Plant a Seed kit:

Read the story of each seed:

old carolina tomato

Jimmy nardello pepper

King Philip Corn

Aunt Molly’s ground cherry

Early Scarlet Horn Carrot

Share a Seed

Have seeds to spare? Help us build community, enhance food sovereignty, and restore relationships to food and land by donating your surplus through our Share a Seed initiative.

Learn More & Share your spares
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On Biodiversity

There are over 30,000 edible types of plants all over the world. Biodiversity is not a new concept, but it is a current crisis. Today, nearly 75% of the world’s food comes from just 12 plant and 5 animal species, and 50% of our plant-derived calories come from wheat, corn, and rice. We are losing critical landraces and heirloom breeds on a weekly timescale. This loss of biodiversity is why the Ark of Taste was created over 20 years ago—to help preserve endangered flavors in regions all over the world.

Past Campaigns

The 2020 Campaign

The 2019 Campaign

As an organization dedicated to uniting tradition and innovation, SFUSA teamed up with Dan Barber’s seed company, Row 7 Seeds . Like Slow Food, Row 7 is committed to the idea that delicious and nutritious seeds may be the catalyst to change the world.

SFUSA and Row 7 created the ultimate Plant a Seed kit for innovation and tradition in the garden. The kit contained 3 seeds from Row 7—Badger Flame Beet, Robin’s Koginut Squash and the Beauregarde Snow Pea—as well as a a nod to the Native American tradition of the Three Sisters. When planted together, the three sisters—trio of beans, corn and squash—help one another survive and thrive. These particular seeds are from our Ark of Taste catalog; they are on the brink of extinction and our continuing to cultivate these varieties helps them to survive: Long Island Cheese Pumpkin, Early Blood Turnip, and Laxton’s Progress No. 9 Pea.

the 2018 Campaign

We recognize that food is a cause of climate change. From field to fork, our food system contributes a fifth of greenhouse gas emissions. Food is a victim of climate change, too. Drought, desertification, floods, sea-level rise and ocean pollution put our food at risk across the world. But we are believers in Slow Food, and want to talk about food as a solution — and a delicious one — to climate change.

So in 2018, we began pursuing our all-encompassing theme, Food for Change. Throughout our events and campaigns, we are focusing on how individuals and communities can raise our forks against climate change, embracing tradition and innovation to provide good, clean and fair food for all.