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September 27th (that’s this Saturday) is the Green Jobs Now National Day of Action

Are you wondering: “What are green jobs?” Green jobs are jobs connected to making our communities more sustainable. As Green Jobs Now explains on their website:

Right now, there are millions of people ready to work and countless jobs to be done that will strengthen our economy at home. There are thousands of buildings that need to be weatherized, solar panels to be installed, and wind turbines to be erected. There are communities that need local and sustainable food and people ready to farm the crops. There are public transit systems and smart electricity grids in need of engineers and electricians. Americans are ready to build the new economy. It’s time to invest in saving the planet and the people. It’s time for green jobs now!

~ Van Jones and the Green Jobs Now Team

“And who is this Van Jones guy I keep hearing about?”

Van Jones is the award-winning founder and president of Green For All, a national advocacy organization based in Oakland, California. He has been a tireless advocate for building an inclusive, green economy – strong enough to lift millions of people out of poverty. He and his organization are fighting for “green-collar jobs and opportunities” for disadvantaged people, creating “green pathways out of poverty,” while greatly expanding the coalition fighting global warming.

Now, let’s take this day to ask ourselves: how can the sustainable food movement connect jobs related to sustainable food production, food distribution, and the building of infrastructure needed for local food economies to flourish connect with the green collar job movement?

To learn more about Green Jobs for All and to find a Saturday event near you, click here

Let us know your ideas for how we can build the connections between the 2 movements!