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She planted a garden. The food movement gasped, and then held its breath. “What next?,” we’ve all wondered hopefully, and today Jane Black wonders, too, in the Washington Post.

Obama’s policy director (Barack’s, that is, right?) is quoted: “ ‘Accessibility and affordability has always been part of the message,” Frye said. “It’s why we partner with elementary school kids. You pierce through all the constituencies and say, ‘It’s about kids.’ ”

Also quoted are organic, Inc. author Sam Fromartz, the amazing Tony Geraci, director of food service at the Baltimore City Public Schools, and our very own Josh Viertel: “The more they can tell the story of what they’re doing, the better it will be,” said Slow Food’s Viertel. “If they can let people see a family meal, if people see that the busiest man in the world takes time to sit down with his kids for dinner, that could have an incredible impact.”