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Slow Food USA recognizes and appreciates the Native American seed keepers and breeders whose seed relatives have endured and continue to sustain us all on Turtle Island. 10% of each seed kit will be returned to the Indigenous Seed Keepers Network in acknowledgement.

Plant a Seed 2022 kit


We have sold out of the 2022 Plant a Seed kit! Thanks to everyone who joined our journey from seed to pod. This year’s kit contains:

20-40 seeds of each the following Ark of Taste bean plants:

  • Arikara Yellow bean
  • Cherokee Trail of Tears bean
  • Four Corners Gold bean
  • Hank’s X-tra Special Baking bean
  • Rockwell bean
  • Santa Maria Pinquito bean

Everything else

  • A 32-page Bean Zine featuring growing and cooking tips, bean histories and narratives, and much more
  • A legume-focused comic courtesy of FAO in North America
  • 10 empty seed packets for sharing seeds with your community

Are you looking for our Plant a Seed kit for school gardens? Click here.

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