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Slow Food USA recognizes and appreciates the Native American seed keepers and breeders whose seed relatives have endured and continue to sustain us all on Turtle Island. 10% of each seed kit will be returned to the Indigenous Seed Keepers Network in acknowledgement.

Plant a Seed 2022 kit for supporters


Thank you so much for your support of Slow Food USA! We thrive because of your generosity, guidance and meaningful engagement.

Enter your coupon code below to receive a free Plant a Seed kit. Don’t have a coupon code? Email plantaseed@slowfoodusa.org and we’ll be in touch.

Kits will ship in March 2022.

Here’s what’s inside:

The seeds (20-40 seeds of each)

  • Arikara Yellow bean seeds
  • Cherokee Trail of Tears bean seeds
  • Four Corners Gold bean seeds
  • Hank’s X-tra Special Baking bean seeds
  • Rockwell bean seeds
  • Santa Maria Pinquito bean seeds

Everything else

  • A 32-page Bean Zine featuring growing and cooking tips, bean histories and narratives, and much more
  • A legume-focused comic courtesy of FAO in North America
  • 10 empty seed packets for sharing seeds with your community

Are you looking for our Plant a Seed Kit for school gardens? Click here.

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