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by Gordon Jenkins

Those of you live in the San Francisco Bay Area may have already heard about the tragic fire that burned through Soul Food Farm in Vacaville, CA on September 3rd. Farmers Alexis and Eric Koefed are some of the most beloved and forward-thinking egg farmers in the Bay Area, and a deeply supportive community of people who purchase and enjoy their eggs have stepped up to help the Koefeds in a number of big ways: an emergency fund, raffles, benefit dinners and a whole lot of emotional support. In this case, the story of a community stepping in to help an outstanding local farm in a time of need is as heartening as the story of the Sept. 3 fire is tragic. The farm’s tragedy is everyone’s tragedy – and in time, the farm’s success is going to be everyone’s success.

Find out how to support the Koefeds on writer Bonnie Powell’s blog The Ethicurean and on chef Samin Nosrat’s blog Ciao Samin. Alexis Koefed also wrote an inspiring post on the Soul Food Farm blog about keeping one’s chin up in hard times.