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As we’ve discussed on this blog many times before, seafood stocks around the world are in trouble for a host of reasons, including overfishing, pollution, etc. Oftentimes chefs, consumers, and home cooks want to do the right thing, but don’t know how.

Chefs Collaborative is a member-based organization that works collectively to support the use of high quality, delicious, local foods on our nation’s tables. They provide essential resources for chefs who care deeply about having a sustainable food system, and provide educational resources for them, such as the just-released Seafood Solutions: A Chef’s Guide to Sourcing Sustainable Seafood.

The great news: it’s free, downloadable from their website.

(In addition, please note that Chef’s Collaborative is a founding partner in the Renewing America’s Food Traditions collaborative, which seeks to document and restore America’s most endangered foods.)