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Over the next few weeks we’ll be bringing you a set of recipes that employ good, clean, fair food, and how the cook feels that they embody those values. The recipes are the inventions of the winners of our Table Talk recipe contest.

This week we’re bringing you the stories behind the winners of the Taste Traditions category: recipes inspired by family or cultural cuisine. Here’s how the winners explained how they came to develop their tasty creations.

With her recipe for blueberry piergois, Martyna Hogendorf, the category’s first place winner, reminds us, “grandmothers have secret powers of creating magnificent meals”. Inspired by afternoons picking blueberries in Poland, Martyna and her family recreated the family recipe using local, organic berries from New Jersey. The magic of her grandmother’s recipes yields “the explosive purple color on our plates, and the sweet, tangy and rich flavor.” With blueberry season upon us, Martyna’s recipe serves as another way to take advantage of local, seasonal produce.

Click here for Martyna’s recipe for blueberry pierogis