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Storytelling artwork from the Lexicon of Sustainability was introduced to Italy at the University of Gastronomic Sciences in Bra, Italy this month. The art is a thank you gift, presented to Carlo Petrini and the University of Gastronomic Studies by Peter and Colleen Morich of Slow Food Atlanta. The storytelling art has been a key component in Slow Food Atlanta’s education and community outreach strategy, with more than 200 shows held in Atlanta. The art was highlighted on Italian national news when Carlo Petrini, founder of Slow Food, was interviewed at the University about Slow Food’s 30th anniversary.

The images are proudly displayed under the portico at the mensa (dining hall) of the University for its first ever pop-up show. Future plans for these gastronomic storytelling images may include an appearance at Terra Madre in Turin, Italy, September 22-26, 2016. There is already discussion at the University about artist Douglas Gayeton teaching students at UNISG to create their own local Lexicon of Sustainability set. Using the “Project Localize” curriculum, students will learn to create storytelling art about the field trips they experience to study food systems around the world.

— From Peter Morich, Slow Food Atlanta, Curator of Lexicon of Sustainability