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Learn some beekeeping basics and other fun bee and honey information to satisfy your curiosity and give you a place to start if you are interested in becoming a beekeeper — or just love bees! Jennifer gives us a very close look at a healthy swarm doing their good work in her backyard hives and answers questions for first-time beekeepers.

Jennifer Holmes is a Beekeeper in Stuart, Florida, and owns and operates Hani Honey Company with her family. Jennifer is a UFIFAS Master Beekeeper and Honey Judge. She enjoys serving on her Local SF Chapter Board, Slow Bees Community, and Florida State Beekeepers Association Board.

You can learn more about Jennifer and order some honey on the Hani Honey Company website. You’ll also find some other beautiful bee products and beekeeping supplies there so you can dive in (slowly, calmly, methodically). 

Jennifer mentioned a Master Beekeeper program from the University of Florida—do some research, as there may be a Master Beekeeper program at an extension service near you (like this one in Oregon!).