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Peter Ruddock is the president of Slow Food California and co-chair of the California Ark of Taste Committee. He spends much of his time working on food policy issues, acting as the coordinator of the California Food Policy Council and implementation coordinator of the Homemade Food Operations Act for the COOK Alliance. He is passionate about history, especially food history. You can find blogs, food resources and other miscellanea from Peter at his website, Green Omnivore

Joni Sare is in Silicon Valley and is a member of the Slow Food South Bay chapter. She teaches cooking classes and hosts cooking parties with adults, children and corporations. Her focus is two-fold: cooking without recipes and teaching skills to elevate your comfort level in the kitchen. Joni believes that by replacing effort with skill, you will minimize decision making and maximize the pleasure of cooking. You can learn more about her and her cooking classes here.