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It’s not just foodies who check out menus online before deciding on their weekend plans. Football fans are ranking their local stadium’s grub, and stadiums are taking notice. Feasting on game day is one of this country’s longest and most unique food traditions. It builds community by bringing together friends and family to root for a win – and that’s exactly what Slow Food USA will be doing this Super Bowl Sunday.

What are we rooting for? A big change. We want sports stadiums to make a shift in their sourcing practices. We want them to follow the example of places like Levi Stadium and bring more sustainable, delicious food to the bleachers. It’s all part of Slow Meat, a call to join forces in breaking free of the culture of confinement that defines the contemporary meat industry. Stadiums have huge purchasing power, and a small shift in their sourcing could mean a big change for animal welfare and rural livelihoods.

The history of Slow Food has taught us that big change can begin with a good party, which is why we are inviting the whole country to join us in a Nationwide Nose-to-Tailgate this Super Bowl Sunday. Before Katy Perry roars on to the field, cook up a batch of grass-fed beef burgers, fried chicken hearts, or seared heritage breed pork chops.

Snap a picture of your game day grub, and post it to Twitter with #Nose2Tailgate for a chance to win a signed copy of butcher-extraordinaire Adam Danforth’s “Butchering” or lawyer-rancher Nicolette Niman’s “Defending Beef.” ({{ download (3240, {“label”:”Official Rules”,”title”:”Official Rules”}) }})

You’ll be joining the groundswell of people who are proud fans of joy and justice, on sports fields and in farm fields, on astroturf and alfalfa.

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