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Slow Food USA is creating space for continued conversations about building a movement rooted in antiracism and anti-oppression and strengthening our commitment to equity, inclusion and justice (EIJ). We invite all members of Slow Food USA working groups, chapters, and programs to connect with Equity, Inclusion and Justice Strategist Dan Mueller to set up space to discuss your pursuit of these critical goals.

One year ago, the movement for Black lives gained unprecedented support with Black Lives Matter protests sweeping the globe. One year later, dedicated organizations are continuing to explore what racial equity and justice really look like while others struggle to truly embody these values. At Slow Food, we understand that good things take time. Slow Food USA (SFUSA) has been on its own journey of Equity, Inclusion and Justice (EIJ) since 2017 and in its commitment to listening, being honest, furthering our own education, taking appropriate action, and encouraging a diverse range of perspectives and experiences, it is launching an affinity group for Black and Indigenous and People of Color (BIPOC). 

An affinity is defined as a group of people having a common interest or goal or acting together for a specific purpose. The purposes of this group are for BIPOC folx to gather in community:

  • To celebrate and discuss 
  • To be seen, heard and related to
  • To come together and create a safe space for sharing experiences
  • To drive change and to use “strength in numbers” to help address particular issues

Our mission for this affinity group is to create an intentional space for BIPOC leaders across our food system, including members of the Slow Food network as well as adjacent community organizers, to build skills and be supported. Our vision is for a diverse community to emerge empowered to take part in the co-creation of a robust food movement and culture that walks the talk of SFUSA’s commitment to EIJ and that improves the experiences and engagement of BIPOC folx throughout Slow Food as an international movement.

While this group will ultimately be self-determined in actions and outcomes, one of our overarching hopes is that the BIPOC Affinity Group can serve as an advisory group or guiding counterpart to SFUSA’s antiracism work and equity agenda. This group may even aspire to catalyze justice-oriented projects and programming to be supported or developed by SFUSA.

Dan MuellerMessage from Equity, Inclusion and Justice Strategist Dan Mueller:

“If you identify as BIPOC, I hope you’ll join me in dialogue and in solidarity to explore what it means to lead from our lived experiences. If you’re a white anti racist ally or accomplice, there are also some emerging opportunities for you to further cultivate your own growth and knowledge.”

Email Dan Mueller to get involved and learn more.


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