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Mutual-Aid Style Share a Seed Program Flourishes in DC

September 14, 2022 // Biodiversity

When the pandemic hit and seeds were scarce, Reana Kovalcik, Founder of Share a Seed and Slow Food Southeast Regional Councilor, worked with Slow Food USA to pilot a model for sharing seeds and growing resources at the community level. “Share a Seed is a mutual aid-style program,” Reana explained. “I wanted to find a way to democratize seed access, grow community, and redistribute resources at a time when scarcity was all around us. Mutual aid networks are a great way to do that kind of resource and skill-sharing without barriers to access.”

Eight Rare Foods We are Committed to Saving

September 14, 2022 // Ark of Taste
By Marina Stylianou, Slow Food USA Programs Intern The Ark of Taste is a living catalog of foods which are distinct, delicious and...

Beans: Delicious and NUTRITIOUS!

September 8, 2022 // Biodiversity

I am a PhD student researching beans, and I truly think beans are the perfect food. I have yet to meet a food that can check so many boxes: support thriving local food systems, advance sustainability goals and environmental health, culturally relevant to cuisines around the globe, incredibly versatile in the kitchen, delicious, and — of course — nutritious.

Bobolink Dairy and Bakehouse Creates Harmony with Animal Management and Environmental Stewardship

September 7, 2022 // Food and Farming

Bobolink Dairy and Bakehouse is part of our Snail of Approval program, granted by Slow Food Northern New Jersey; the farm sits on 187 acres of land in Milford, New Jersey, and focuses on 100% grass-fed, farmstead cheese, produced on a small-scale regenerative farm. In 2002, when Nina and Jonathan started the project, most landowners were utilizing their properties for tract housing or subsidy farming, causing negative environmental effects and reducing community value. The fields the dairy and bakehouse currently operate on were originally used for conventional crop rotation; the land was barren, pale and parched and faced erosion as well as flooding issues after heavy rainfalls.

Native Nutrition across Turtle Island

September 1, 2022 // Biodiversity

Root your approach to health and nutrition in Native American and Indigenous practices. Join us as we learn from three native nutrition experts and explore ways that food connects us to the land, to our ancestors, to our health, and to one another.

Demeter’s Kitchen Exemplifies Fertility Through Sustainability, Nutrition and Community

August 25, 2022 // Cooking

Catie Cohen, Founder of Demeter’s Kitchen, was not always a baker. After graduating with a degree in chemical engineering and pursuing a career within that field, it became clear to her this was not the right fit. Her longtime interest in holistic health set her on a path to explore working in the restaurant and bakery industry while also hosting holistic health workshops on the side.

A food bank garden and community garden help alleviate food access issues in Lake Tahoe

August 25, 2022 // Chapter Highlight

The SFLT Food Bank Garden has grown exponentially each year; in 2021, they were able to feed over 75 locals each week with 388 pounds of culturally appropriate food for a predominantly Latinx recipient base, with the help of over 850+ volunteer hours. The garden also recently gained a full-time garden manager, which has been crucial to the current success of the garden. To fund these operations, SFLT has hosted several fundraisers, auctions, and applied for various local grants through community foundations.

Hell’s Backbone Grill thrives through deep rootedness in sustainability and community

August 18, 2022 // Food and Farming

Hell’s Backbone Grill and Farm is a Snail of Approval winner located in Boulder, Utah, a remote 226-person town that’s a popular resting spot for hikers in the area and travelers from around the world. Back in 2000, chef-owners Jen Castle and Blake Spalding fell in love with this spot, an inholding in the newly established Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monument.

From seed library to seed company: The story of K Greene and the Hudson Valley Seed Company

August 15, 2022 // Food and Farming

Perhaps one of the most unique facets of Hudson Valley Seed Company is the marriage of seeds and art. From the start, K felt the seed packages were an opportunity to communicate to people how they felt about and valued seeds – not just their commodity, but also their story.

Providing Culturally Appropriate Food for Communities in Sonoma County

August 11, 2022 // Biodiversity

Farm to Fight Hunger is a nonprofit organization that grows, harvests and delivers fresh, nutritious produce, free of charge, to those in California’s Sonoma County in need of healthy food. Eggs laid by happy, pastured hens are also donated to local food banks.

Slow Books Announces Abra Berens’ “Grist” as Third Annual Network-Wide Read-Along

August 9, 2022 // Books

Maybe you’ve joined Slow Books for our read-along programming for “How to Be An Antiracist” or “Braiding Sweetgrass,” or perhaps this will be your first read-along. Either way — we’re glad you’re here!

Making whole-vegetable cooking “badass” in Denver

August 4, 2022 // Cooking

In Denver, Sullivan Scrap Kitchen is upcycling odds and ends to create flavorful and environmentally conscious creations for 600 guests every week.