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Tater Tots and Headcheese: Joe Kwon’s Supper Club

Rockstar cellist Joe Kwon is serious about family, friends, headcheese, and as of late, tater tots. When not on the road with the Avett Brothers, Joe spends his time hunting and honing his skills around whole animal butchering. On the road, he keeps Taste on Tour, a food blog that describes his culinary exploits between shows.

Alisa Lay: 2 Sisters in the Kitchen

After visiting the Downtown Greenwood Farmers Market, Alisa and Brenda were inspired to turn their canning hobby into a business. They quickly became a fixture a the Market, offering cherry plum preserves, sour apple relish, their grandmother’s black bean and corn salsa, and, of course, their family’s pickled Longhorn okra.

Four Corners

Intentional communities, draft horses, farmstead cheese – it all sounds a little bit Vermont. That’s because it is! This week we visit Cobb Hill, a co-housing community in the North East where communal has taken a more comfortable turn and appears to be doing very well.